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Lemur Link Up

Lemur Link Up is a friendly and child friendly business network set up by Joanne Dewberry (@CharlieMoos); Kara Guppy (@ChelseaMamma) and hosted at Lemur Landings Soft Play Centre by Jackie Richmond (@Splashrichmond). We're sure some of you may know us better by our Twitter names!

We are busy Mums with blogs and businesses and we all know how difficult, sometimes frustrating and lonely it can be trying to build up your business, learn new things and do the school run. We all felt passionately about getting small businesses together to network and learn from each other.

We've some exciting ideas to help you get your business going and offering a supportive environment to help you grow your business and keep your sanity. It's not just for Mums, all are welcome. We will be holding regular meetings and really want you to let us know how to develop the meetings to best help you.

It's free to join the list and we'd love to have you along so that we can make you part of 'Lemur Link Up'.  We won't sell or pass on your information to anyone else.

Look at our calendar for details on our next event!

Jackie Richmond, Joanne Dewberry and Kara Guppy will be here to host the event as usual.  It can be great for you and your business to get some super tips and tricks. There's things we can all learn from each other so bring your questions, no matter how basic they seem to you.

Looking forward to welcoming new and old faces.  Get some friendly advice, have a chat or take away some inspiration.  

If you have found the networking group useful do let us know.  Tell us what steps you have taken to grow your business as a result; maybe you've worked with someone you've met? Don't be shy we'd love to know.

Why not post it in the Lemur Link Up Facebook group.  We can all learn and be inspired by each other and that's what this group is all about.

We've tonnes going on this year so keep in the link please Sign Up Here. Meeting will be at Lemur Landings 10.00am - Midday.  Tickets are £5.00 includes a cup of tea/coffee and includes up to 4 children (under 12's) but kids aren't compulsory by the way. No kids, just pay for your coffee, and that's it.


Joanne, Kara and Jackie